About Us

Leaf2Leaf was founded and started by Phillip Stallworth & Artur Nergaryan January of 2019 in an effort to create solutions for the harmful and unsustainable agricultural practices of today’s society while simultaneously teaching and working along side the youth.
Since working on his undergraduate thesis at Alfred University (BA with a dual concentration in Environmental Science and Geology) Head Grower Phillip’s biggest concern as a conservationist is that as the global population continues to grow and more countries adopt more progressive practices, people around the world are going to run out of arable places to grow food to feed these people. Better sustainable farming practices will help combat this unavoidable predicament, but a true solution to this problem is moving towards the use of soil-less mediums such as hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics in communities classified as food deserts. Hydroponics and other soil-less systems have been incorporated in numerous industrial farming companies because of the versatility and ability to work just about anywhere because all you really need is: water, heat, and nutrients.
Once Phil and Art met and discussed this creative solution to a serious problem they planted the seed that would become Leaf2Leaf and have nurtured it into a blossoming business! Art owns the gourmet food store Art’s Specialties with their flagship location in Belmont & most recent expansion in Maynard. Leaf2Leaf started as a pilot project at the Belmont location and based on customer responses they immediately knew this was something they needed to pursue.
They are currently planning to expand the program to become an educational opportunity as well. Leaf2Leaf will ideally be run by kids so they can learn business, and agriculture while providing a service that enriches their community!